Freshman Policymakers Party - Get your tickets at the door!

Pre-registration for tonight's Freshman Policymakers Party has closed but you can still buy tickets at the door tonight.  

We'll be at Avalon Hollywood between 5pm and 8pm.  Tickets are just $75 for BizFed members or $100 for non-BizFed members. Includes food and drink.  

Avalon Hollywood: 1735 Vine Street, Los Angeles, CA 90028

There are a few parking lots in the area that range in cost from $10 to $20 and there is a Metro stop jut a 4 minute walk away from the venue.  

Hope to see you tonight!   



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BizFed Advocacy Director Job Posting

BizFed is looking for a new Advocacy Director to lead our massive grassroots alliance's policy work.  

  • The ideal leader will have passion for civic engagement, be college educated, and have direct experience advocating for policies with office holders and appointed regulatory Boards.
  • This person will have had successful experience managing/leading policy, campaign, or communications professionals.  
  • We need someone who is highly organized and able to juggle a variety of deadlines and issue topics. 
  • She or he will have high integrity and a stellar public reputation along with current positive relationships with policy makers. 
  • The best person for this high impact leadership role will be well rounded, excels in a smaller team environment, is skillfully competitive and a bit fearless, is a masterful oral and written communicator, and who appreciates autonomy and flexibility.

Our BizFed Advocacy Director will: 

  • Set and execute advocacy strategy in conjunction with CEO at the direction of the BizFed Board
  • Take point on the monthly Advocacy Committee and directly support it's co-chairs
  • Lead and develop the Policy Managers in service to all BizFed members 
  • Oversee and elevate effectiveness of our Committees which includes hands-on leadership of key issues
  • Guide effective issues tracking and scorecards for accountability 
  • Shape useful external messaging in conjunction with Communications Manager
  • Collaborate with our Government Relations Director in engaging directly with elected officials, agency heads, agency board members and board deputies
  • Fulfill strategic advocacy plans for Gold Level Members+
  • Liaise with BizFed PAC and endorsed electeds   

Interested parties should contact Liz Shapiro We’ll be accepting resumes through mid July.

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First post about your nation

first-post.pngThis is the first blog post. You can insert photos into a post and embed content. Blogs are extremely useful, as they provide a platform for highlighting things taking place on your nation, as well as news or press that develops. They also keep your site content fresh, and increase the likelihood someone searching for topics related to your nation will find your website.

Learn how to create a blog and some tips for keeping it updated.


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or from your Control Panel navigate to Websites > [blog] > Posts & subpages > [first_post].

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